Applications / Pharmaceutical Dust Collection System Applications


Pharmaceutical dusts are generally highly toxic and explosive. Air Pro Control can give solutions with its certified products and systems which are compatible with ATEX legislation.

APDC Pharma can easily supply pharmaceutical production demands with its various options and high-performance filtration.

  • Safe Change –  Bag In Bag Out (BIBO)
  • Continuous Liner Discharge
  • Safe Change HEPA
  • Level Switch
  • EX Complied Solutions With ATEX Certified Products
  • Active / Passive Explosion Protection Systems
  • Isolation Valves

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  • As a system application, APDC Pharma, keeps your facility cleaner, makes your process more productive and protects your workers.

    Tailor made solutions gives exactly what you need at the special applications like different pharmaceutical processes. In some pharmaceutical applications these solutions can be critical for cross-contamination, health hazard etc. Also, with some solutions like stainless steel room exhaust ports, pharmaceutical solid dosage manufacturing machine connections (drying, blending, pressing, packaging), local exhausts (acrobat arm) dusts can be extracted directly with minimum required airflows to sustain energy savings. On the other hand, these ports can be easily controlled by safe sliding damper together with the VSD option to increase energy saving. General ventilation solutions are generally used for exhaust air and also together with AHU applications.

    • Mixing & Blending
    • Granulation
    • Fluid Bed Drying
    • Spray Drying
    • Tablet Pan Coating
    • Tablet Press
    • Filling & Packaging
    • General Room Ventilation
    • Local Exhaust Ventilation
    • Central Vacuum

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