CARTEX Cartridge Filters

Welcome to APC Airprocontrol, your premier destination for a comprehensive range of industrial Cartridge Filters designed to excel in diverse environments, from ATEX Explosive Atmospheres to oily and moist conditions. Our filters are engineered with exceptional resistance and functionality, ensuring optimal performance and reliability across various industrial applications.

Key Features:

Filter Media: Our filters are crafted using a variety of premium materials such as Fiberglass, Cellulose Synthetic, BICO Polyester, PTFE, and more. For surface load filtration, we employ NANO coating technology, enhancing efficiency on fine particles, reducing pressure drop, and improving dust cake release for extended filtration performance.

High Corrugation and Pleating: Advanced pleating methods combined with high corrugation ensure ideal performance in Dust collection systems, offering superior dust capture and filtration efficiency.

Specialized Variants: We offer specialized variants for explosive industrial environments, including conductive filter media with Aluminum coating or Carbon impregnation. Our filters also meet Flame Retardant F1 standards according to DIN 53438, ensuring safety and reliability.

Handling Oily and Moist Air: Our filters are equipped to handle oily and mist-laden air with hygroscopic coating, providing effective filtration and maintenance of air quality.

Explore our catalog and website to discover innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific filtration needs with precision and excellence. Choose CARTEX Cartridge Filters for superior performance and reliability in industrial filtration.

DIN Cylindrical Cartridge Filters

APC Airprocontrol specializes in providing high-quality DIN cylindrical cartridge filters to various industrial environments. Our filters are trusted across a range of applications, from pharmaceutical and chemical processing to food and shot blasting industries. With a selection of filter media available, including conductive and hydrophobic options, we prioritize delivering reliable solutions that effectively remove contaminants and optimize operational processes.

Oval Cartridge Filters

Our Oval Cartridge filter retrofit stands out for its innovative design featuring self-corrugated nano-coated flame-retardant media. This advanced construction not only enhances breathability but also significantly improves efficiency compared to standard filters. We offer a range of options, including EX models, complemented by 3D Carbon Impregnated conductive or Aluminum surface conductive materials. These options ensure optimal performance across various applications, meeting the highest standards of filtration and safety.

Square End Cap Cartridge Filters

Our Square End Cap Cartridge Filter is engineered with cutting-edge technology, featuring self-corrugated nano-coated flame-retardant media. This innovative design sets it apart, offering superior breathability and efficiency compared to conventional filters. Available in various configurations, including EX models, paired with 3D carbon-impregnated conductive or Aluminum surface conductive materials, our Square End Cap Cartridge Filter ensures exceptional performance across a wide range of applications. Count on us to deliver filtration solutions that meet stringent quality standards while enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

Lug Cartridge Filters

Our lug cartridge filters are meticulously designed to meet the demanding filtration needs of industrial applications. Featuring a robust construction and advanced filtering technology, these filters excel in capturing contaminants and ensuring optimal performance. The lug design enhances stability and ease of installation, making them a reliable choice for various industries, from manufacturing to environmental processing. Count on our lug cartridge filters to deliver superior filtration efficiency and long-lasting durability for your critical filtration requirements.

Pleated Bag Cartridge Filters

Pleated bag cartridge filters offer a modern alternative to conventional bag filters. Leveraging pleating technology, these filters allow for easy expansion of the filtration area, thereby enhancing efficiency. This innovative design not only increases surface area but also improves filtration performance, providing a more effective solution for a wide range of applications.

Flat Cell Filters

Flat cell filters represent a state-of-the-art solution for industrial air filtration needs, featuring a compact and efficient design tailored for rigorous environments. These filters, characterized by their sleek and flat profile, are engineered to capture a diverse range of airborne contaminants commonly found in industrial settings. From fine particulate matter to harmful pollutants, flat cell filters excel in maintaining clean and safe air quality within manufacturing facilities, production plants, and other industrial environments. Their robust construction and high