AVC ATEX Vacuum Collector

Our AVC ATEX Vacuum Collectors are designed for high vacuum pressures and feature a Pulse Jet automatic cleaning system. These systems are ideal for vacuum cleaning, long ducting, and pneumatic conveying.

Key Features

    • Plug & Vacuum: Simplified setup and operation.
    • Explosion Resistance: Safe for use in hazardous environments.
    • Energy Saver: Reduces energy usage through efficient design.
    • Robust Body: Constructed from minimum 5 mm thick HRP St37 steel sheet, with SS versions available.
    • Custom Options: Including Dust Bin Mechanism, Sliding Butterfly Valve, Double Butterfly Valve, BIBO, and Continuous Liner Discharge.
    • IIoT Integration: Advanced monitoring and control for optimal performance.



    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Food & Agricultural
    • Paper Scrap Trim Transport
    • Laser / Plasma Cutting & Welding
    • Rubber
    • Composite / Fiberglass
    • Mining
    • Powder Painting
    • Wood
    • Textile

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