Cartridge Filters for APC Dust Collectors

APC Cartridge Filter

CG-CN Conductive Nano Coated Carbon Cartridge filters are the heart of the ADC. Conductive cartridge filters can work continuously at 75°C. All filter media have a minimum efficiency of F9 EN779 2012 / MERV 15. Surface load causes acceptable dust cake over the filter surface which increases the filtration efficiency. These kinds of filters have 10 times higher efficiency than causal filters. Surface loading prevents the blockage of the filter and makes the removal of the dust cake easier. In order to comply with the protection in an environment with a high risk of dust explosions, a filter with conductive media which is flame retardant (F1 acc. to DIN 53438) provides superior filtration performance. Filters not only collect dust particles but also work as an active component of a protection system against dust explosion. Filter helps for preventing spark injection in the dust collector.

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APC Airprocontrol provides a wide range of high-quality pleated filter elements to retrofit dust extraction systems. Round and oval filter cartridges with different flanges, diameters, and lengths. Cellulose and synthetic applications together with flame-retardant and conductive properties are standard while most of the dusts are explosives. Also, with nano-coating, we continuously keep the lower pressure losses to gain lower energy consumption together with extending the filter change-ups.

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