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Air Pro Control

APC – AirProControl has been established for supplying Professional Air Controlling Devices and Services especially for industrial environments. Air Pollution Control and supplying clean & safe working areas while keeping production process air at controlled leveled always. These main devices are dust collectors, vacuum collectors, wet filters, gas scrubbers, silica gel dehumidifiers, special design industrial air handling units, process dehumidifiers, etc.

Products that are built-in confidence more than 20 years of experience and references together with production under ISO9001, ATEX regulations & NFPA legislations.


Our Mission is to supply our engineering expertise internationally to the market with our global partners.

Our Vision is to supply many Cleaner, Safer, and Eco-Friendly Working Environments for industrial facilities.


For a Cleaner, Safer and Eco Friendly Working Environments

  • Manufacture ecofriendly products with high tech manufacturing process and test these products according to the international standards.
  • Meet the customer expectations with new products that are produced according RD works.
  • Be an expert at national and international markets.
  • Review quality management system make continuous improvement and meet the requirements.
  • Encourage participation to all parties (Organization, customer, supplier, personnel) for the defined targets, support with trainings and increase the satisfaction.