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With the developing technology durable and lightweight materials demand has been increased. That’s why, nowadays composite materials are frequently used in aerospace, wind energy, marine, automotive and electrical & electronics sectors.

Clean and dust free surfaces have a critical role in achieving maximum adhesion during bonding of composite materials. As it is known, during cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing, dust and particles form at dangerous concentrations.

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  • The method of vacuuming from the tool as it’s the source which is the most effective method for removing dust from the environment. However, in some applications, the dust should be held with downdraft table, slot vacuum or other tailor made solutions. Also, these environments need to be supported with the right filtrations systems which to supply minimum ACH for the enclosed space.

    Vacuum and dust collection systems can be operated gradually with the Ulpadust control systems. Ulpadust control systems supplies auto-pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valve solutions together with PLC and VSD options which gains energy saving.


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