Safe Change Filter Housing

Safe Change Filter Housing

The APCSAFE Safe Change Filter Housing helps to replace filters without contact while keeping workers healthy and the environment safe and clean. The units are a containment-free system for the safe replacement of high efficiency, HEPA, ULPA, or pre-filter ePM1 %85 (F9 class). The unit is designed to filter exhaust air from environments containing toxic or harmful contaminants. And used mostly after the main dust collection system to supply high-efficiency filtration. 

The safe replacement system is designed with BIBO (Bag-in, Bag-out) Safety Housing Systems. In the Bag-In/Bag-Out procedure spent filters are sealed inside the barrier bag and then sent for disposal, never in contact with any operator.

We are testing the welding proses, all seals, and connections at all produced units. Our design guarantees the highest tightness class thanks to the flanges, the sealing gaskets, and high-quality welding.

These systems are mainly used in pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, BSL3 & BSL4 laboratories, energy plants, and dangerous process applications and are installed & used directly assembling in exhaust air for hazardous environments.

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