Cartridge Filters for Gas Turbines / Turbomachinery

Cartridge Gas Turbine Air Filter

High efficiency cartridge filters used in the air intake systems of gas turbine engines in power plants. Airborne dust, dirt, and other particles can enter the gas turbine, causing contamination, wear, or damage to turbine blades and other internal components. GASTEX GT cartridge filters play a critical role in preventing damage. These filters help optimize turbine performance, reduce maintenance costs and extend engine life by maintaining clean air intake.

Trinitex® GT: full synthetic patented 3-layer media:
• Complete mechanical efficiency range covering from M5/Coars 90% to F9/ePM1 90%
• Low pressure drop, optimized output
• Gradient structure, high dust holding capacity
• Excellent hydrophobicity / oleophobicity

High Corrugation together with the cutting-edge pleating method gives ideal performance for the cartridge filter technology.

Excellent Cartridge Filter performance on rotary pleaters, durability, and pulse-jet cleaning behavior.

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We have replacement filters for many brands. 

  • Camfil FARR
  • Donaldson Torit
  • Nederman
  • American Air Filter
  • Clarcor – Clark
  • Robovent
  • Imperial Systems
  • Nordson
  • Plymovent

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